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Vivaldi and Women’s Voices Chorus – From Venice to North Carolina

Women’s Voices Chorus is excited to announce that we received a grant from the WCPE Education Fund to partially fund the production of a short documentary film about our Winter 2013 performance of Antonio Vivaldi’s Gloria in D. Vivaldi composed his Gloria for the girls and women of the Ospedale della Pietà, a convent, orphanage, and music school in Venice, Italy. Today it’s rare to hear an all-female performance of the Gloria, since not all women’s groups can provide the wide vocal range of the original Ospedale choir’s female tenors and basses. In our “Gloria et Pax” concert, accompanied by a baroque orchestra, we gave an authentic performance similar to what might have been heard in Venice 300 years ago.


The WCPE grant helped us produce a documentary about this performance, including footage from our rehearsals and concerts as well as interviews with our artistic director and chorus members.


The documentary and a full video recording of our Gloria performance are freely available online to audiences worldwide.


The documentary and concert are also are available on DVD for a small fee at our online store! Proceeds will cover other expenses incurred in the making of the film.


WCPE_Ed_FundWCPE is a listener-supported classical music radio station based in central North Carolina. Its Education Fund supports classical music education opportunities and educational outreach. We are proud that it chose to help fund a project that will broaden understanding of Vivaldi’s music and female vocal music in general.


Audio samples of Women’s Voices Chorus:

From Behind the Caravan, mvt. 1, “We Have Come” by Abbie Betinis
[Return to Joy, Spring 2011]

From Behind the Caravan, mvt. 2, “Suffer No Grief” by Abbie Betinis
[Return to Joy, Spring 2011]

This Little Babe, by Benjamin Britten
[Almae Matres: Our Nourishing Mothers, Winter 2011]

On Children by Ysaye Barnwell
[Almae Matres: Our Nourishing Mothers, Winter 2011]

Hail Holy Queen, from the film “Sister Act” by Mark Shaiman
[Almae Matres: Our Nourishing Mothers, Winter 2011]

Videos of Women’s Voices Chorus:

Lauda Jerusalem:

Music in My Mother’s House

Videos from “Cheek to Cheek,” our Spring 2009 concert: