February 3, 2019 Announcements

Greetings from rainy Savannah, GA! Here are this week’s announcements.


Rehearsal at the usual time, Monday evening Feb 4th, 7:30pm, at Judea Reform. Doors open at 7pm and if you arrive after the doors are locked and door-watchers have been seated, please text Amie T @ 919 451-5895.

We expect that we will be moving back to our regular rehearsal home at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 300 E. Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill, beginning with our February 18th rehearsal. Watch this space for final confirmation and parking updates as the date approaches. Special thanks for Sarah Zink for keeping us updated on the building’s status!

A few date reminders this semester – please make a note of these dates in your calendar!

Feb. 23 – Spring retreat, Chapel of the Cross

April 28 – Spring concert, Moeser Auditorium, Hill Hall, UNC-CH

May 18 – 7:30 p.m.concert with Capital City Girls Chorus at Meredith College; 6:30 p.m. call time

Handbook reminder: Members mailing list

Spring semester is a good time to remind everyone of our policy on emailing our members using the members mailing list. Short summary – for announcements to the whole group, please end them to me prior to Saturday evening before the rehearsal; for items of general interest or commentary, please use our private Facebook group “Sisters of WVC”, and for occasional music-related announcements or requests be judicious about using the members email list and always begin the subject line with “OT” (for “off topic) to identify the email.

Please review the policy and let me know if you have any questions:

“All announcements should be emailed to the President by the Saturday evening before rehearsal for inclusion in the weekly email announcement. Pertinent choral announcements will be made by the President during each rehearsal. Most communication will be handled through the google groups email service. Please be certain that the Database Manager has all of your most recent contact information, including your email address. Feel free to use the group email service to send announcements about other nonprofit and music-related activities you are involved in. Be sure to preface the subject line with “OT” (off topic). The email service may not be used for business, political, or religious purposes.”

Practice files

Practice files are uploaded and ready to go in multiple format and are available here http://womensvoiceschorus.org/members/scorch-files/ Note that you must be logged in to access the page. We have awesome in-putters and proofreaders, but occasionally we miss something, so if you see anything that needs fixing or if any links aren’t working, please let Karla (kmkbyrnes@gmail.com) know right away.


Important notes about your Music Packet from our librarian, Kay Johnson (2ndalto@gmail.com).

  • Please be cautious about any liquids near your music.
  • Write in music only with a pencil and put only comments related to the music.
  • Thanks to all for taking good care of and returning all music. If you need to drop out of the chorus, your music is due within the week of that time so that your place can be filled by a chorister in-waiting! Otherwise, your music must be returned on the day of the performance.


We will celebrate our volunteers as previously announced:  Allison Mangin (S2), Leah Vallario (A1), and Tatjana Zimbelius (A1)

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!!