December 16, 2018 Announcements

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the great thaw of 2018! Lots of announcements this week, so without further ado here we go…

  1. Tomorrow evening, we will have a longer than usual rehearsal, from 7:30 – 10:00 p.m. Doors will open at 7:10. If you arrive after the doorkeepers have joined the rehearsal after 7:35, please text Amy T at 919.451.5895. No rehearsals on Dec 24th and 31st. Next rehearsal after tomorrow night will be January 7th, 2019!
    • Reminder about memorization dates:
    • Lumen  December 3
    • Shosholoza December 10
    • Still I Rise December 17
    • Hold On January 7
    • Hymn to Freedom January 7
  2. Winter Concert
    • Tickets! Please be sure to turn in any money you’ve collected for tickets at rehearsal on Monday night! Remember to mark the envelope (number of tickets sold, adult or student, $$ enclosed) and return it, with unsold tickets, to your Membership Liaison. All tickets and proceeds will be due to be returned at our first Technical Rehearsal on January 14th.
    • You may return your ticket money and unsold tickets in the original envelope EITHER tomorrow evening (Dec 17th) or on January 14th.
    • Ads! Business advertisement copy is due on Monday for hard copy ads. Payment is not necessarily required, but a commitment is very helpful. The absolute deadline for electronic copy (or hard copy hand-delivered to Karla) is December 28.
  3. December Birthdays to celebrate at rehearsal this week. We will sing to our sisters with December birthdays! Happy Birthday to… Rebecca Bruening, Chris Hagenberger, Cheryl Denardo, Shelley Hedtkey, Jan French, Kay Johnson, Leah Vallario, and Sue Regier!
  4. NEW! Donations through Facebook. Your board is always looking for new ways to reach out to potential fans! We have set up the ability for folks to donate through our WVC Facebook page as well as for you to set up a fundraiser for WVC! Here’s the fine print:
    • Just in time for end-of-year charitable donations, WVC is now able to take donations through Facebook! You’ll notice that we’ve added a shiny new “Donate” button to our Facebook page. By clicking this button, people are able to make charitable donations directly through Facebook without having to navigate to our website or Square site.
    • It really couldn’t be simpler – click the button and enter your credit card or Paypal info, and voila! All funds go directly to us – there are no fees for the donor or the charity – and Facebook will send an email with a donation receipt to the donor for their records.
    • In addition to this snazzy new button, WVC is also eligible to be the charity of choice in individual fundraisers! You’ve probably seen your friends raising money for charities on Facebook – maybe you’ve even held your own fundraiser. Well, now WVC is included in the list of eligible charities, meaning that we can all hold our own individual fundraisers – and encourage our friends and families to contribute!

See you all tomorrow evening,Amy