December 9, 2018 Announcements

Good morning to all – I hope you are staying safe and warm and are able to enjoy the beauty of this snow without having to deal (too much at least so far) with the hassle of the snow! Please take note of the rehearsal cancellations policy from our WVC Handbook: Rehearsal Cancellation Policy In the event of inclement weather or other emergency, the President and Artistic Director will confer to reach a decision about cancellation of a rehearsal. If rehearsal is cancelled, members will be informed by email no later than 4:00 p.m. The announcement will also be posted on the WVC website and Facebook as soon as possible. If rehearsal is not cancelled and any woman feels unsafe driving, she should stay home, but notify her Membership Liaison and the AD. The AD will decide whether the absence will count against the singer. Bottom line: You will hear from either Allan or me tomorrow afternoon before 4. All my best to you, Amy