Strobilus Music Series

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On Saturday, November 22, 2014 at 3:00 in the afternoon, Women’s Voices Chorus presented Awakenings: Songs of New Birth and Origins as part of the Strobilus Music Series from Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church in Chapel Hill.  The concert featured music ranging from the Renaissance to the present, all on the theme of awakenings. It included a mix of sacred and secular music, including works by Britten and Victoria and a number of pieces by contemporary female composers.

Women’s Voices Chorus was delighted to participate in the inaugural season of this exciting new series.  Series coordinator Nathan Kotecki explained the vision of the series as such: “The aesthetics of the Chapel in the Pines, with its rough-hewn beams and expansive views of the surrounding pine forests, along with the exceptional acoustics afforded by the hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings, make the sanctuary both a unique and an ideal location for intimate acoustic performances. Our hope is that the greater community will visit us and experience the great local talents we have lined up for this premiere season.”

As Ken Hoover of CVNC said in his review of the concert, “The setting of the picturesque Chapel in the Pines provided a warm acoustic ambiance for the unique blend of Women’s Voices Chorus. It seems that each year under the capable leadership of Allan Friedman this ensemble achieves another level of ensemble precision and blend.”  It was a delight to sing in such a gorgeous space, and we truly appreciate all the hard work that Nathan and Chapel in the Pines did to make us feel welcome and to help make the concert a success!

Chapel in the Pines is located at 314 Great Ridge Parkway, Chapel Hill.  For more information about the concert, check out the Strobilus Music Series website.  You can read the rest of the CVNC review here.  And follow us on Facebook for more concert news!