Board Minutes Meeting: November 19, 2009

Minutes of the last meeting: These were approved.  In future, a summary version of the minutes will be produced for publication to the members site.

[spoiler title=”Artistic”]Artistic Director Items (20 min)

Recording “Songs of Radiance”: Everything is lined up.
February concert: The terms offered by Catawba College were not good, so this concert will not take place.
Mid-season resignations: There have been four of these this semester, all for health reasons.
Spring retreat: Possible dates are February 27 (preferred) or March 20.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Finances”]Finance report Second payments on dues were due this month, and most have been collected.  Mailing costs (first class postage this time) were split between Publicity and Fund Development ($1300 each).  Fewer than twenty brochures were returned for bad addresses.

The 990 EZ tax form has been filed and the IRS acknowledged its receipt.

We received tax-exempt status from the state of North Carolina.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Committees & More”]Committee Reports

The committee will meet on December 6.
Fund Development  
Grants:  Sue Regier is working on the Orange County grant.
Friend raiser: The contract for the venue has been signed and a budget produced.  Shelley, Judy and a number of others have pitched in and things have gone well.
Grocery gift cards:  There are 12/40 Food Lion and 27/40 Lowe’s cards left. there have been only 3 transactions.  Marge will send a reminder to social chairs, and plans to demonstrate, with a computer, at a future rehearsal.
Article II of the bylaws, the last section, is completed.  It was approved unanimously
Logistics No problems.
In reach:  Franzi asked the Social Chairs to bring occasions of need or celebration to her attention.
Graphic Designer: A plan to select a new graphic designer, using publicity for the Friend Raiser as a trial, was discussed and approved.
Mailing Maven:   Judy has volunteered.
Stuffing Plan:  No exchanges have been identified, but research is ongoing.
Cyber Song (e-mail newsletter): Allan agreed to supply content.  A quarterly schedule is included in the Mailing Plan.
Music No report.

Covered elsewhere in the agenda.

Volunteers: —

Other business
We discussed the possibility of arranging pre- or post-concert events with composers.

Karla was authorized to arrange a door prize for people who turn in their addresses at the concert.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Next Meetings”]Future meetings
December 17, Shelley’s house
January 14, Marge’s house, Sue will provide refreshments
February 18, Allan’s house[/spoiler]