Concert in Chiesa Santa Maria dei Miracoli

For our last concert of the tour, we sang in Chiesa Santa Maria dei Miracoli in Venice. This small, beautiful, 15th-century church is entirely built from marble, with an ornate ceiling containing many portraits of biblical figures. There are over a hundred churches in Venice; it seems like there’s another lovely Renaissance chapel every time you cross a bridge. Here’s a little more information about Miracoli, as well as a resource about Venetian churches in general.

We had a small, but enthusiastic, audience for this last concert, and we ended the tour with an hour of music both American and Italian, concluding appropriately with Allan Friedman’s arrangement of “Nunc Dimittis,” a piece about departing. Below are recordings of three pieces from the final concert, provided by our resident videographer, Darrell Edgley.

I hope you’ve enjoyed following along with Women’s Voices Chorus as we’ve made our way through central Europe! Our travels have ended for now, but we hope that this marks only the beginning of exciting new ventures for our group.

“Sweet Prospect” by William Walker, soloist Virginia Kraus

“Ave Maria” by Paula Tillen, directed by Laura Delauney

“Followers of the Lamb,” a Shaker hymn adapted by Allan Friedman, soloist Mary Greenwood

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