Arrival in Budapest

I can’t speak for anyone else, but personally I feel kind of like falling over and kind of like running around like a headless chicken. I shall compensate with pictures.

It doesn’t look terribly impressive, but this is Heroes’ Square, where those of us who felt like braving the heat got out and admired the statues and nearby buildings. I have no idea what those are yet, so they’ll have to wait.

A few of us standing around and talking. The guy with his back to the picture is our tour guide.

Rachel apparently decided to take a picture of a group of us — it probably turned out similar to the one above, only more densely populated — and I decided to take a picture of her doing so.

… We’re all a little punch-drunk right now. As I write this, it’s been nearly a full 24 hours since we first arrived at RDU, and in that time I don’t think any of us have had more than a couple hours of sleep.

Anyway, after Heroes’ Square, we piled back into the bus and headed towards Gellért Hill. We caught a glimpse of St Stephen’s Basilica, where we’ll be singing tomorrow, on the way:

It looks more impressive from Gellért Hill.

The Parliament Building (Országház) was also visible.

And so was what our map calls the Budavári Palota, or the Buda Castle Palace.

Lisa Oskardmay got some photos of us in transit; her photos can be found here.

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