Packing Strategies

A snapshot of my suitcase in the middle of packing

One choir member shared this interesting link to a New York Times piece demonstrating packing “10 Days in a Carry-On.” Apparently the secret is to roll your clothes rather than folding them, which never occurred to me before! Rolled clothes take up less room, and if they are made of certain types of fabrics they supposedly won’t wrinkle much either.

This rolling idea sounded intriguing to me, so I decided to try it myself. I’m not doing quite what the “10 Days” piece suggests, because some of my clothes would get quite wrinkled if they were rolled. Instead, I’m following a modified version based on this Real Simple article on “How to Pack a Suitcase.” This article is another step-by-step demonstration of packing that suggests building a foundation of rolled clothes, then laying folded clothes on top. You can see a snapshot of my suitcase in mid-pack here – I’m curious to see how the rolled-clothes approach works in practice!

Our last rehearsal was on Monday, and the next time we’re all together will be in Budapest. I can’t believe that we’re leaving tomorrow!

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