Chorus Voices: An Interview with Jen Gibson

Since the Women’s Voices Chorus European Tour was first proposed in 2010, Jen Gibson has been working tirelessly to make it all happen and run smoothly. As the Tour Manager, she has done a huge amount of work, and she’s the reason that everything has been planned with such detail and communicated so clearly to the choir members. When asked to give an overview of her biggest responsibility, she said she’s “primarily been the liaison between the choir and the tour company, making sure that we’ve got an itinerary that fits everybody in the choir, and that everyone’s needs are being taken care of.”

Jen has been amazing at balancing the needs of forty people when arranging for things like tours, accommodation, transportation, meals, and all the many details. She has been on two choir tours before, but this is the first she has managed, so she’s been learning on the job. In the past semester Jen also finished her Ph.D. on top of her Tour Manager responsibilities (way to go!). Jen credits her ability to oversee tour planning while also finishing her doctorate to “the help of a lot of wonderful people.” She notes that “Allan downplays it, but he did a tremendous amount,” and that Jen B., Karla, Shelley, and many others have also been instrumental in getting us off the ground (literally!). Jen says, “It’s taken a whole village; it’s not just me.”

One particular accomplishment she attributes to Allan is arranging our amazing concert venues. We will have the opportunity to sing in some of the most beautiful and historic sacred spaces in each city – St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest, Ljubljana Cathedral, the Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli and the Basilica di San Marco in Venice. Jen says that some of our venues required an application and selection process: “He won’t tell you because he’s super modest, but that is all Allan.”

The tour will be Jen’s last chance to perform with WVC for some time since she’ll be relocating for an excellent new job, which she notes with a little bittersweetness. The payoff for all her hard work is that we’re going to be able to share our music with people in Europe and have the cultural experience of traveling with each other and performing abroad. Jen remarks that she’s “mostly looking forward to being with everyone and celebrating.”

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