Procrastinator’s Links about Budapest

This week I’ll focus on online resources about the cities we’re visiting that might be useful to choir members. Personally, I’ve never visited any of these locales before, but I also haven’t had time to do research and read guidebooks. Suddenly I realized that there’s less than a week to go, and I know very little about these cities, so I’ve been doing a little internet searching to get oriented. Here are a few potentially helpful resources:

  • Lonely Planet iPhone App – At $5.99 for the app, it’s not exactly cheap, but this looks like it might be a handy resource while walking around the city. Commenters note that the offline map is useful. On a related note, if you have an iPhone and want to bring it with you to use on WiFi but not 3g, here’s a site with specific details for how to set your iPhone to turn off cellular data.
  • Orientation to Budapest (Frommer’s) – A brief history and geography of Budapest. Includes basics about Budapest neighborhoods, as well as a primer on things like Hungarian street-naming practices. For instance, did you know that Budapest is divided into 23 districts? Or that the word “utca” means “street” in Hungarian?
  • Restaurant Basics (Frommer’s) – Info about dining in Budapest. In particular, I found the information about payment to be interesting. For instance, according to the guide, restaurant-dining tends to be more leisurely than we may be used to. In addition, tipping is also different, with 10% being the customary amount, if it is not already included in the bill.
  • Lonely Planet Budapest Guide – a website with lots of information about the city, what to do and see, where to eat, etc.
  • Budapest Top 10 Lists – Concise lists of Budapest highlights in a variety of categories.
  • Hotel Novotel Congress – Our hotel’s website is here. You can also see  more information about the hotel’s location on Google Maps.

I hope that some of these sites prove helpful to you. Have you found any good online resources about Budapest yourself? If so, please share it in a comment!

It’s hard to believe the trip is coming up so quickly, but this time next week we will already be leaving Budapest and on our way to Ljubljana!

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