Getting ready

We’ve had a rigorous rehearsal schedule in the last couple of weeks, and we are almost ready to go! In the picture at left, you can see us practicing in Duke Chapel, one of our two rehearsal venues. Each day this week we’ve worked on pieces for a particular European concert.

Dr. Allan Friedman, our Artistic Director, has designed a great series of concerts. We’re not just singing the same thing in each city – instead, we’ll be doing a mix of American choral pieces and music from the country we’re currently visiting. For instance, during last night’s rehearsal we practiced our music for a mass in Venica’s Basilica di San Marco, which includes music by Giovanni Gabrieli and Adrian Willaert written specifically for that historic venue. Likewise, in Slovenia and Hungary we will sing music from those countries (we’ve been working hard on our Slovenian and Hungarian pronunciation!).

Check out our online performance schedule here!

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  1. A Shrieves says:

    I’m looking forward to reading about the tour! Have a wonderful trip!

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