Commissions & Premieres

Women’s Voices Chorus has been fortunate to commission the following works:

Eleanor Epstein, Mah Dodech Midod, premiered April 2016.
Allan Friedman, The Nine Muses, premiered January 2014.
Lana Walter, Sparks of Divinity, premiered May 2010.
Sidney Marquez Boquiren, Devi, premiered January 2010.
Thomas Limbert, Gaia Meets Medea, premiered January 2010.
Paul Leary, The Maiden, premiered January 2010.
Caroline Mallonée, What You Are, premiered January 2009.
Eleanor Daley, Herself a Rose Who Bore the Rose, premiered January 2008.
Eleanor Epstein, Haflei Va-feleh, premiered January 2007.
Eleanor Epstein, Mizmor L’David, premiered January 2007.
Lana Walter, Welcome Love, premiered February 2004.
Katherine Dienes, Magnificat “Regina coeli,” premiered May 2000.
Nina Gilbert, arr., Shaker Suite: Three Shaker Spirituals, premiered January 2000.
William G. Lycan, arr., Shenandoah, premiered May 1999.

Women’s Voices Chorus has also been fortunate to premiere the following works:

Allan Friedman, Miriyam, Maria, and Maryam, premiered May 2018
Allan Friedman, arr., Lakutshon ‘Illanga, premiered May 2013
Allan Friedman, Foibles of Fauna, premiered May 2013
Caroline Mallonée, Shine On, O Moon of Summer, premiered January 2013
Lana Walter, On His Blindness, premiered July 2012
Jayne Swank, I Never Saw A Moor, premiered January 2012
Alex Blake, Deep River, premiered January 2012
Jayne Swank, If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking, premiered January 2012
Linda Metz, arr., O Jesu, So Meek, premiered December 2010
Allan Friedman, Songs of Radiance, premiered May 2010
Allan Friedman, Where E’er You Go (Treble Version), premiered January 2010
Allan Friedman, arr., Papir Iz Doch Vais, premiered January 2009
Allan Friedman, Psalm 133, premiered January 2009
Allan Friedman, arr., Little Innocent Lamb, premiered May 2008
Allan Friedman, arr., Followers of the Lamb, premiered May 2008