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Promised Land: Music for Passover and Easter – Spring 1999

This program celebrates Jews’ and Christians’ spring festivals of redemption and new life. In particular, it honors the rôle of women. Through our music, we have walked in the steps of Miriam, Moses’s sister, who led the Hebrew women in a song of triumph after the crossing of the Red Sea, and with the women […]

Music for a New World – Winter 1999

This program celebrated our European and African ancestors who came to the New World. Some brought shiploads of material possessions — tools, household goods, books and manuscripts. Some, like the slaves, brought only themselves. All of them brought their memories. Our ancestors’ remembered music — hymns, canticles, folk songs, instrumental tunes, dances, rhythms — became the foundation for our rich North American music idiom. This concert was a sampler of folk, vernacular, and religious music from that immigrant tradition.

Music Hath Charms – Spring 1998

The program, with the Meredith Girls’ Chorale conducted by Fran Page as our guest ensemble, included works by Elinor Remick Warren, Barrie Cabena, Amy Beach, Alice Parker, and Salem, N.C. composer Margaret Vardell Sandresky.

In a Woman’s Voice: Choral Settings of English Texts by and for Women

A program including music by Elizabeth Poston, Frances McCollin, and Dame Ethel Mary Smyth.

Lilith, Diana, Mary – Winter 1998

A program featuring music about Mary, Diana, and Lilith, including pieces by Lana Walter, Mark Glick, Katherine Dienes, and many other composers and arrangers.

Wade in the Water: Spirituals and other Music – Spring 1997

Performed on May 9, 1997. Program including “Dream Song” by Mabel Wheeler Daniels.

Photo by Flagondry, available on Flickr

Christmas Concert 1996

A Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Britten and Christmas music by Margaret Bonds, Edith Borroff, Katherine Dienes, Jakob Handl, Imogen Holst, Frances McCollin, Jeanne Shaffer, Naomi Stephan, Randall Thompson, and Felicity Williams.

Cradle of Fire: Women’s Experiences of War – June 1996

Ranked by Spectator magazine as one of the Triangle’s ten best classical concerts of 1996. Included “The Captives’ Hymn” and “Largo from Dvorak’s New World Symphony” by Margaret Dryburgh.

Yonders Mountain - Winter 2005

Vivaldi Magnificat – Winter 1996

Vivaldi’s Magnificat, performed on January 9, 1996.

Mystery, Madness, Nonsense – Spring 1995

Performed on May 9, 1995.