Spring Retreat 2015


Allan demonstrates the unnamed eleventh element of music: Jazz Hands.


We had a wonderful, educational, and productive retreat this past Saturday, February 28! Our president, Shelley Hedtke, so eloquently described it as “one of the most interesting, uplifting and just plain brilliant retreats we have had since I have been a member. Allan delivered a veritable seminar on musicianship!”

We met at United Church of Chapel Hill for a day of fellowship and fun.  Every retreat is different, and for this semester’s gathering, Allan focused on defining the Ten Elements of Music: Notes, Technique, Rhythm, Articulation, Tone/Diction, Dynamics, Phrasing, Emotion/Feel, Space, and Listening.  He periodically read excerpts from The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten, a Grammy award-winning solo artist and member of the musical group Béla Fleck and the Flecktones.  Although Wooten is primarily a bassist, not a singer, his novel spoke to us all as musicians and helped reinforce the elements that Allan emphasized.

Allan beautifully paired each of these elements with different pieces to amazing results. We were truly able to hone in on what it means to be a musician, not “just a singer.” We are so grateful for Allan’s guidance and support, and hope to show you the fruit of our hard work in our upcoming concert, Love Notes, in April!

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