Board Minutes Meeting: October 22, 2009

Attendees: Marge, Karla, Carli, Jo, Sue, Diane, Shelley, Joan, Ann, Allan, and guest Darcy Wold

[spoiler title=”Secretary”]Minutes of the last meeting were approved.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Artistic”]Artistic Director Items (20 min)

NC Music Teachers gig/retreat  review: Allan was very pleased with how we sang and our logistics worked fine, though the NCMT group wasn’t as well organized as we would have liked.  (For example, the concert was supposed to be recorded, but wasn’t.)  Franzi’s presentation on the strategic plan went well, and we have had feedback that chorus members appreciated being informed.Recording “Songs of Radiance,” NMTA submission, etc.  Allan’s piece automatically qualifies to be submitted to the national convention, but that would require that a recording be submitted (by December 1).  The board voted to go ahead with the recording (likely at Debbie Titlow’s house.Durham Regent gig: This will be an informal concert; we’ll sing 10-12 pieces, mostly from the fall repertoire.

[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Financial”]Finance report The report was accepted.  Carli will get the budget report onto the website.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Committees & More”]Committee Reports

Marketing  Darcy provided a report from the web committee.The current web hosting site is free, but does not allow commercial activity.  The committee proposes to move the website to Charles Mangin’s server for $10 a month.  The committee also proposes that the website be changed to operate on content management software (Word Press) that will allow multiple people (but still a small, controlled number) to update the website. The committee proposes hiring a web designer, but only after we have a good idea of the content we want, and the way it’s organizedThe board approved the recommendations of the committee.  We would like get information out of the yahoo groups and onto the website.

Fund Development  
The fundraising letter has been written and has gone to the printer.  It will be part of the mailing party on Monday.  A special envelope printed that can be used for donations has been printed and will be used with this mailing and on future occasions.

There has been little use of, a method of online shopping that gives a percentage to the chorus.

Food Lion has a program for gift cards which allows an organization to buy cards at a discount, then resell at face value, but Harris Teeter no longer does.  Marge has bought $1000 worth of cards for Food Lion.  She will also get cards for Lowe’s.

Sue Regier has volunteered to do grant writing.  We also need a volunteer to do research on grants

Silent auction plans:  The date (April 10) and venue (Briar Creek, near Farrington) are set.  The proposed budget was reviewed, revised, and approved.

Governance Board members have supplied job descriptions for many jobs, but we need job descriptions for remaining jobs, even small ones.

Shelley distributed the four articles of the by-laws that are ready to be voted on.

Article 1 defines the board and how it works.  (This is the big one.)  Board terms changed to 2 years, with half of the positions changing each year.  This means that the terms of some of the current members will be up in the spring. Slate would specify who’s going to do what (rather than just a group of people). In addition, the Artistic Director is an ex officio member (i.e., by virtue of the job), and would have a vote (except on items like their own salary). The At Large board member position was added.  An At Large board member need not be a chorus member

Article 4 defines the fiscal year.

Article 5 defines annual and special meetings.

Article 6 says that the by-laws can be amended by the board.

The board voted to accept these articles of the by-law.

Logistics No report

Membership One of the purposes of our “in-reach” committee is to support members who need some help, and we currently have members who are in financial need. We talked about how to provide assistance “quietly” (i.e., without sharing the name of the recipient) when needed.

Publicity Preparations for the mailing party are in hand.  Judy has volunteered to be Mailing Maven, though after this next mailing party.  Janet Buehler has asked for assistance, but we don’t know whether she’s had responses.

The idea of a face book presence for the chorus was raised.

Susan Brown has suggested that we need a professional designer for next year.  Several board members suggested graphic artists who might be suitable.

Music No report

Timeline  Sue will review the 990 tax form with Judy tomorrow. They discovered that we need to file papers to be considered tax exempt by the state of NC. A “stuffer plan” for exchanges with other choruses needs to be developed.

Volunteers Karla will send out an e-mail with job descriptions that need to be filled.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Next Meetings”]Future meetings:
November 19, Joan’s, Carli will help with refreshments
December 17, Shelley’s house
January 14, Marge’s houses, Sue will provide refreshments.[/spoiler]