Cradle of Fire: Women’s Experiences of War – Winter 2003

A partial reprise of our May 1996 concert, with new material as well, this program includes everything from  “Boogie-woogie Bugle Boy” to Holocaust songs to a rediscovered composition on the blessings of peace. This program honors the women’s experiences of war. As we have learned this music, it has become our way of partaking of the courage women have shown, even in their unimaginable suffering, when the fires of war swept over their lands. Performed on Sunday, January 26, 2003.


Da pacem Domine Håkan Olsson
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Louis Lambert
The Press Gang arr. Elizabeth Poston
Johnny’s Gone A-Sailing arr. Ruth Watson Henderson
Madame Jeanette Aan Murray, arr. Edward S. Breck
Angels of Mercy Irving Berlin, arr. Milton James
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Don Raye & Hughie Prince, arr. Ed Lojeski
Song of Survival: The Captive’s Hymn Margaret Dryburgh
Coventry’s Choir Gena Branscombe
Cradle of Fire arr. Michael Isaacson
1. Stiler, stiler Alec Volkoviski
2. S’brent Mordekhai Gebirtig
3. Zog nit keyn mol D. Pokras
4. Babi Yar Rivka Boyarska
5. Ani maamin Azriel David Fastag
Kyrie, from Mass for the Dead Plainchant
Out in the Rain Brian Edward Galante
Shir Lashalom Yazir Rozenblu, arr. J. David Moore
Pax nobiscum Amy Beach
Peace Martha Alter