Mary’s Papers

Papers and Presentations by Mary Lycan

Real Repertoire for Women’s Voices a presentation made by Mary Lycan at the 1999 ACDA (American Choral Director’s Association) National Convention, Chicago, Illinois Women’s Chorus Interest Session.

Real Repertoire for Women’s Choirs: An Extremely Selective Bibliography a supplement to Mary Lycan’s “Real Repertoire” presentation.

The Proactive Programmer: Basic Research Kit for Women’s Chorus Repertoire more resources compiled by Mary Lycan, this time for the ACDA Western Division Women’s R&S Session, February 21, 1998 Reno, Nevada.

Even Choir Girls Get the Blues a musical autobiography, and thoughts on the roles of girls’ choirs and women’s music in the church today. Presented by Mary Lycan at the Triangle Institute for Anglican Studies in 1997.

What Does it Take for Women to Sing Together? The answer is: four things. Read more in Mary Lycan’s 2002 presentation to her alma mater, the Williams School, New London, Connecticut.